Who are we?

Arrowonics™ is a startup technology company, spin-off from the research group of “Flight Systems and Control,” at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. Over the past 10 years, the research group has been pushing the boundaries of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) control. The research group is led by Professor Hugh H.T. Liu. With specialties in multi-vehicle formation control and communication, he founded Arrowonics to open up a new area for UAVs.

Arrowonics is also joined by several former graduate students from the Flight Systems and Control lab as founding members. With a passion for UAVs, flight, art, and design we are taking imagination to new heights.


How long can a show last?

Current battery life allows for 15 minutes per vehicle.  So if all vehicles fly at once, max show time is 15 minutes, but can be extended if vehicles take off at staggered intervals.


Under what weather conditions can a show take place?  

Flights cannot take place when there is precipitation, or under very strong winds.  


Where can a show take place?  

Locations typically require a takeoff and landing area whose size depends on the number of vehicles. We work with Transport Canada to ensure all locations are approved in advance.


How much does a show cost?

Cost depends on a lot of factors such as the number of vehicles, complexity of show design, location, etc.  Send us a message and we can put some prices together for you.


How is a show planned?  

We work with clients to design and execute the perfect show for them.


Are shows Transport Canada approved?

Yes, shows are always covered by a Transport Canada issued Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC).  We are the first and only company in Canada able to make this claim.  


Are we insured?

Yes, all shows are fully insured.


Is it safe?

Yes.  All flights are pre-programmed and autonomously flown. Safety measures include a Geo-Tether which creates a boundary limiting any vehicle from flying beyond a maximum safe distance or altitude from the centre of the show.  Rigorous pre-flight simulations, field tests and safety checks are performed before every show.


Where do we offer shows?  

We are currently based out of southern Ontario, Canada but can operate across the country.  We also have an operation covering the U.S. Regardless of where you would like to see a show, get in touch!  We’re more than happy to talk about options.