Arrowonics is a multi-drone technology company that grew out of the research group of “Flight Systems and Control” at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. Over the past 10 years, the research group has been pushing the boundaries of drone control and swarm technology. The research group is led by Professor Hugh H.T. Liu. With specialties in multi-drone formation control and communication, he founded Arrowonics to open up a new area for drone flight focused on art and entertainment.

Arrowonics is also joined by several former graduate students from the Flight Systems and Control Lab as founding members.  With a passion for drones, art, and design we are taking imagination to new heights.




Dr. Hugh Liu

Founder and
Executive Director


Hong Gao

Chief Financial Officer


Everett Findlay

Chief Executive Officer


Samuel Zhao

Products Development

Zev Bertini

Business Development